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What is contextual art?

Without necessarily wanting to put a label on ourselves and then get bogged down in conceptual references taken "out of context", our artistic approach wants to be dynamic with moments, passages or intersections anchored in space-time in interaction with people and what is currently being experienced. The expression "contextual art" therefore refers to this desire to join, if only a little, our follies with reality. 

Predefined criteria


Acting in public spaces in a generally furtive way or in co-creation.


Art can be ethical. This is even more true when we put ourselves "in one another's shoes".


The work or the collaboration of two artistic approaches, or even interdisciplinary approaches, allows us to confront our certainties and better refine the way we look  at a thing or a subject.

Taking risks to interact with an artwork

When we enter into a dynamic with someone else's work (especially if the artist is still alive), or when we take up current topics that may be sensitive and some people perceive our artwork as provocation, we expose ourselves to criticism, controversy and the legal limits of art.

But how do we get to grips with an artwork or a subject that does not speak to us, how do we enter into a dialogue with it when this "bridge" does not yet exist?

Justice cannot be just if it cannot be readjusted. To do “justice” to an artwork, it is not enough to simply contemplate it: we need to live it in its context, in parallel with our own.


Our artworks want to continually build bridges that make art and certain human themes more accessible, at the risk of readjusting along the way.

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